State of the Art Aeroponic Cannabis Growing System

Black box is a proprietary cannabis cultivation system designed for the large scale production of top shelf cannabis.


Discover Aeroponic Technology

Enabling top shelf production at scale

Grow Module

Provide optimial conditions that enhance Photosynthesis with an innovative environmental chamber designed for cultivation of large flowering plants.

Support Module

Dry Room, Process Room, and Secure Storage that's specifically designed for precise control during the drying phase of the harvest.

Growth Cycle

Continuous weekly harvests are achieved using 13 separate BlackBox systems in independent modules.

BlackBox System Overview

Modern Cannabis Cultivation

System Design

BlackBox is a high-Pressure nutrient delivery system, equipped with a UPS battery back-up, designed specifically for large cannabis plants.

1 Group of 36 Pod Systems

1 Group of 18 Rolling Pod Sets, rolls into Flower Modules from Veg Modules each week.  The group remains in position for 9 Weeks until harvest.

Top Shelf at Scale

The innovations in Black Box’s grow technology allows for the production of premium grade cannabis at scale – increasing margins for both wholesalers and retailers, while upholding the highest consumer standards. 

Ready. Set. Grow.

Black Box parent company, Hero Technologies Inc. (Publicly traded HENC) plans to acquire significant greenhouse/warehouse space, develop that greenhouse/warehouse space for cannabis cultivation, commence cultivation, and retail operations – With Black Box technology utilized for all cultivation projects.

Publicly Traded on OTC Markets: HENC

Invest in Black Box Technology and the future of cannabis cultivation. 

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